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Rappu Laptop Desk

Rappu Laptop Desk is designed to work on sofa, bed and floor with different height and inclination options.

The laptop riser has 6 different height options, these options are not for constantly changing the height, but it is for finding your ideal correct position.

On the right there is a surface for using your mouse and on the left there are areas for your coffee and phone.

The space on the laptop stand is left for the pen holder. The pen holder may not be used if your laptop is 17 inch or more.

It is designed for all 11-17.3-inch laptop models. The phone stand supports phone up to 6.5-inch screen size.

You can increase your working comfort at home with Rappu.

Design Registration No: 2020/08203


Wocoo Laptop Stand

The Wocoo laptop stand keeps your laptop raised at your eye level while working.

In addition to that we added different functions to the product.

There's an area where you can put your coffee on the left, and there's a slot where you can charge your phone.

There are areas in the back where you can put your pencil box, flowerpot and business cards.

At the same time, it allows you to organize your desk and cable holders.

The product consists of 6 parts and can be easily assembled.

Design Register No:2018/03446

$27.99 $17.91

Ahşap (Mdf) Çizim Tahtası, Çizim Standı

Çizim Standı A4 boyutunda resimlerinizi pratik şekilde çizebilmeniz için tasarlanmıştır.

Ürün malzemesi mdflam'dır.

Sulu boya yapanlar için pratik bir üründür. Yatay ve dikey olarak kullanılabilmektedir.


Kaita Wood Drawing Board

Kaita Drawing Board is designed for you to draw your pictures in A4 size comfortably.

It can be used with 5 different grades, horizontally and vertically.

Kaita has spaces on the side for your pens and brushes.

The product consists of 6 wooden pieces.

$18.91 $12.10

Tori Bicycle Stand

You can display your bike in 3 different positions with the Tori Bicycle Stand.

You can use Tori Bike Stand as part of your decoration at home, garden, balcony.

The Stand is suitable for different wheel thicknesses.

Tufetto's eco-friendly DIY Product is designed for bicycle enthusiasts.


Kikomi Drawing Board

The Kikomi Drawing Board is designed to draw in A4 size.

It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. You can easily carry the Drawing Stand by turning it into a bag with the help of 2 clamps.

There are spaces for your pens and brushes on the Desktop Drawing Easel side section.

Those who paint water can put your water in the glass space on the front.

The product consists of 2 wooden parts. Clamps are not included.

Design Registration No: 2020/08201

$22.69 $19.29

Neko Cat House

Neko Cat House is designed for our little friends.

When you prefer Sustainable Cat Nest, you will make a choice with nature conscious.

The cat house consists of 5 wooden pieces and felt.

The product is sent disassembled. It is designed for indoor use.


Tufetto Masaüstü Ahşap (mdf) Kitaplık

Tufetto'nun Masaüstü Kitaplık Standı ile kitaplarınızı düzenlemenin ve her an erişebilmenin keyfini yaşayın. Günlük kullanımda olan kitaplarınız, bu estetik ve pratik tasarımlı stand ile özenle sergilenecek.

Masaüstü Kitaplık Standı ile kitaplarınızın düzenini sağlayın, çalışma masanızı toplu ve düzenli tutun.

Tufetto ile yaşam alanlarınıza değer katın!

Ürün ölçüleri: 50x28cm H:16cm


Mahi-Mahi Adjustable Laptop Stand & Book Stand

Mahi Mahi Adjustable Laptop and Book Stand is designed to be used as laptop, ipad and book stand. The 6-stage product offers 12 different options. It can be used in different heights depending on your preference. It is an ideal solution for working with both computer and book. Suitable for all laptop and ipads.

The product consists of 5 parts and can be easily assembled and disassembled. You can carry with you wherever you want.

$13.01 $11.06