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Hato Garden Table

Hato Garden Table is designed for you to have a nice and pleasant time with 2 glasses and 1 bottle of beverage in the garden and parks.

The coffee table is mounted on sand and soil with its iron rods.


Jita Wooden Guitar Stand

Jita Wooden Guitar Stand will be part of your decoration.

Guitar Stand consists of 3 parts; it is an eco-friendly product.

It is designed for classical guitars and it allows your guitar to stand upright.


Keja Balcony Table

You will be able to use your balcony more efficiently with Keja Wooden Balcony Table.

There are slots on the Balcony Table where you can keep your tablet and phone fixed, you can sip your drinks with 2 glasses by occupying minimum space on the table.

The balcony table, which is hung on the flat balcony iron, can stand in balance within itself, it is fixed with the help of the rope inside the product.

The product is not suitable for balconies with round bars.

Design Registration no:2021/007217


Medi Standing Desk

Medi Standing Desk is designed to provide you a flexible working environment.

It is recommended to change our working position for our spinal health.

You can create different working corners in your home with the Laptop Stand designed for standing and working on the ground.

The last stair allows you to attend trainings, watch videos, etc. while sitting on the sofa.

You can use also for live participated activities like sports, yoga, etc.

It is suitable to use with laptop, screen and keyboard. Its height and usage can be changed as desired.

Design Registration No:2021/007217