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Tospaa Lounge Chair

Tospaa chair is inspired by the turtle form.

The product is ideal for creating a comfortable and stylish corner both indoor and outdoor with the Tospaa Coffee Table.

The Tospaa Chair provides a comfortable sitting experience with its sloping back and seating surface, which is made up of 25 pieces in total.

It is bigger than the standard chair as it is designed for comfort.

The product has a very simple design and is made of Birch Plywood.


Wocoo Laptop Stand

The Wocoo laptop stand keeps your laptop raised at your eye level while working.

In addition to that we added different functions to the product.

There's an area where you can put your coffee on the left, and there's a slot where you can charge your phone.

There are areas in the back where you can put your pencil box, flowerpot and business cards.

At the same time, it allows you to organize your desk and cable holders.

The product consists of 6 parts and can be easily assembled.

Design Register No:2018/03446

$27.99 $17.91

Deer&Dear Wine Rack

Deer & Dear Wine Rack is inspired by the deer form.

This is a stylish alternative to enrich your wine delight with a beautiful presentation and also you can create original concepts using this wine rack with other Tufetto products and accessories.

The product consists of 4 parts in total and can be easily assembled.

$14.37 $12.22

Kogat Adjustable Laptop Stand

Kogat laptop stand offers a healthy workspaces with 3 adjustable options.

You can use it at any level you want with different height adjustments.

Suitable for all 11-17.3 inch laptops and ipads. The product consist of 3 parts and can be easily assembled and disassambled.

You can carry it with you everwhere you want.


Medi Standing Desk

Medi Standing Desk is designed to provide you a flexible working environment.

It is recommended to change our working position for our spinal health.

You can create different working corners in your home with the Laptop Stand designed for standing and working on the ground.

The last stair allows you to attend trainings, watch videos, etc. while sitting on the sofa.

You can use also for live participated activities like sports, yoga, etc.

It is suitable to use with laptop, screen and keyboard. Its height and usage can be changed as desired.

Design Registration No:2021/007217


Tree Hugger, Hanging Camping Table

It is designed as a single piece to be used as a table, hanging on a tree, column, or pole.

It will be sent with the belt. You can use it in all the outdoors.

It consists of 4 parts in total and can be easily assembled.


Nita Monitör Standı- 90cm

Nita Monitör Standı yalın tasarımı ile monitörünüzü yükselterek göz hizasına taşır.

Altındaki boşluğa klavye, mouse ve kitaplarınızı koyabilirsiniz.

Masanızın konforunu ve düzenini sağlayan Nita 90*20*10cm'dir.


Tufetto Masaüstü Ahşap (mdf) Kitaplık

Tufetto'nun Masaüstü Kitaplık Standı ile kitaplarınızı düzenlemenin ve her an erişebilmenin keyfini yaşayın. Günlük kullanımda olan kitaplarınız, bu estetik ve pratik tasarımlı stand ile özenle sergilenecek.

Masaüstü Kitaplık Standı ile kitaplarınızın düzenini sağlayın, çalışma masanızı toplu ve düzenli tutun.

Tufetto ile yaşam alanlarınıza değer katın!

Ürün ölçüleri: 50x28cm H:16cm


Yodoo Wooden Monitor Riser & Laptop Stand

The Yodoo Wooden Monitor Riser is designed for those who use the laptop with a monitor.

Do you need to work with a monitor and carry your computer in the office?

By placing the laptop in the Laptop Stand section, you can connect it to the screen. The spaces in the rear are left as cable channels.

The Screen Riser can be used in 2 different heights.

In the right part, there is a Phone Stand and a space where you can put your cup.

There are spaces in the right and left sections for your flower pot and pen holder as a table organizer.

The keyboard can be stored under the stand when not in use.

The Laptop Stand space is 40cm, the Phone Stand supports phones up to 6 inches.