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Digital Fabrication

Birch Plywood, the raw material of Tufetto products, is imported from Finland or Russia. The products are designed and manufactured in Turkey. No assembly equipment such as nails or screws are used for the assembly of the products. The product needs to be designed and manufactured very precisely to ensure durability and easy assembly. All products are manufactured using digital fabrication methods, with the whole team working diligently in the production process to achieve the precision required of such fabrication systems.


Birch Plywood, the only material used for Tufetto products; is a water resistant and high strength material which is used in the construction sector in concrete mould system. For longevity of our products plywood is preferred as it has high level of mechanical strength and it is environmental and decorative material.


Interlocking system clips and pins are used in the assembly of Tufetto products. The products are designed with the appropriate assembly technique that suits the aesthetic design and the intended use of the product. As our products are made up putting together different pieces, it makes it possible to replace the parts which are deformed over the years. Contrary to today’s consumption habits, it is aimed to contribute to sustainable life by providing long-lasting use of products.

Do It Yourself

You can easily assemble Tufetto furniture without any equipment. Detailed assembly instructions for each product are sent with the product. All products are combined with the Click-Clap locking system which is developed by Tufetto. This developed system is intended to provide ease of handling and assembly. It is not recommended to disassemble products frequently.

FSC Certified Material

Tufetto manufactures all its furniture from FSC certified raw materials in order to adopt sustainable life principle and to avoid environmental damage. The FSC certificate shows that woods are provided from ecologically and socio-ecologically protected, industrially cultivated forests.


Tufetto is designing its products with an innovative approach based on research and development, that keep the aesthetic, ergonomics and sustainability ahead of time by understanding the changing needs of people. The products are assembled without any equipment or materials such as screws, nails, hinges, glue. Therefore, inorganic equipment with high carbon footprint is not used in our products.


To follow economic, cultural and social changes closely; to listen to the users and understand their needs; to provide people-oriented solutions that satisfy changing emotions and habits, are the elements which build up the starting point of Tufetto’s design approach.


Tufetto, maintains the perfect balance between design and nature, transforming exciting ideas to products that add value to life with digital fabrication and by using FSC certified wood.


We, as Tufetto, continue to work with passion in order to produce aesthetic and ergonomic products without sacrificing sustainability in design, production and management process.

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