Cam mozaik sanatını geliştirmek için kullanılan 10x10mm mozaikler geri dönüştürülmüş camdan üretilmektedir. 100gr içerisinde yaklaşık 110 adet mozaik bulunmaktadır. Çocukların motor sistemlerini geliştirerek eğlenceli aile etkinlikleri yaratabilirsiniz. Tutkal ile yapıştırılması önerilmektedir. Seramik, cam, karton, yüzeylere kolaylıkla uygulanabilmektedir. Tufetto Müşterilerine özel şablonlar ayrıca sunulacaktır.
Manufacturer: Tufetto
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W2D2 Small Blackboard

W2D2 is a desktop writing board where you can take small notes, create your drawings and write your motto.

It consists of 3 parts in total and can be easily assembled.


Kikomi Drawing Board

The Kikomi Drawing Board is designed to draw in A4 size.

It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. You can easily carry the Drawing Stand by turning it into a bag with the help of 2 clamps.

There are spaces for your pens and brushes on the Desktop Drawing Easel side section.

Those who paint water can put your water in the glass space on the front.

The product consists of 2 wooden parts. Clamps are not included.

Design Registration No: 2020/08201


Amon Mosaic Puzzle

Amon Mosaic Puzzle is a do-it-yourself hobby product designed for both adults and children.

It is an introduction to mosaic art. It allows children to think artistically by improving their motor skills.

By increasing their mathematical thinking skills, it increases the development of attention and enables them to use their imagination safely.

You can use the finished product as wall accessory, table accessory, tray, etc. You can use it according to your imagination.

What's in the box: Mosaics suitable for product colors 2 pieces of wood stencil, Glue, Grouting, sponge and wood mixer.