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Work-on Table

Work-on Table with its plain, stylish and simple design, is designed for your study rooms and offices.

The product, which consists of 9 parts, is an eco-friendly product produced as a do-it-yourself and interlocking system.

Produced with birch plywood, the table is finished with natural oil.

You can paint the top plate in different colors.

Design Registration No: 2020/04424


Yodoo Wooden Monitor Riser & Laptop Stand

The Yodoo Wooden Monitor Riser is designed for those who use the laptop with a monitor.

Do you need to work with a monitor and carry your computer in the office?

By placing the laptop in the Laptop Stand section, you can connect it to the screen. The spaces in the rear are left as cable channels.

The Screen Riser can be used in 2 different heights.

In the right part, there is a Phone Stand and a space where you can put your cup.

There are spaces in the right and left sections for your flower pot and pen holder as a table organizer.

The keyboard can be stored under the stand when not in use.

The Laptop Stand space is 40cm, the Phone Stand supports phones up to 6 inches.


Medi Standing Desk

Medi Standing Desk is designed to provide you a flexible working environment.

It is recommended to change our working position for our spinal health.

You can create different working corners in your home with the Laptop Stand designed for standing and working on the ground.

The last stair allows you to attend trainings, watch videos, etc. while sitting on the sofa.

You can use also for live participated activities like sports, yoga, etc.

It is suitable to use with laptop, screen and keyboard. Its height and usage can be changed as desired.

Design Registration No:2021/007217


Triangle Ahşap Laptop Standı

Triangle Ahşap Laptop Standı ile bilgisayarınızı dik şekilde konumlandırın.

Laptopunuzu kasa olarak kullanın.

2 adet üçgen ahşap parçadan oluşur.

Çalışma alanınızı ve ofisinizi düzenler.

Tasarım Tescil No:2020/04424


Mimi Headphone Stand

Ahşap Kulaklık Standı ile Masanı Düzenle.

Kendin Yap Kulaklık Tutucu Oval Formu ile Estetik ve Minimal ve Çevre Dostu Üründür.

3 Parçadan Oluşur, kolayca monte edilebilir. Üst 2 parça hareketlidir, birleşik ve ya ayrı olarak kullanılabilir.


W2D2 Small Blackboard

W2D2 is a desktop writing board where you can take small notes, create your drawings and write your motto.

It consists of 3 parts in total and can be easily assembled.


Chappie Small Blackboard

Chappie is a desktop writing board where you can take small notes, create your drawings and write your motto.

It consists of 6 parts in total and can be easily assembled.


Mahi-Mahi Adjustable Laptop Stand & Book Stand

Mahi Mahi Adjustable Laptop and Book Stand is designed to be used as laptop, ipad and book stand. The 6-stage product offers 12 different options. It can be used in different heights depending on your preference. It is an ideal solution for working with both computer and book. Suitable for all laptop and ipads.

The product consists of 5 parts and can be easily assembled and disassembled. You can carry with you wherever you want.

$13.01 $11.06

Daddy Mood Wood Shelves

Daddy Mood allows you to organize newspapers, magazines, books and other items.

The product can be used both together or separately.

The bottom, back and side surfaces interlocks with the pins. One product consists of 6 parts in total.

The product has a very lean design and it is made of Birch Plywood.